International / INCOHERENCE


1. Rejection of any rule of screenplay. / Screenplay Incoherence

2. The sound will be created in post production. / Manufacturing Incoherence

3. Filming must be done on expired film stock. / Sophistication Incoherence

4. Special effects must be made in-camera (overprint, projections etc).
Banish post-production. / Effects Inchoherence

5. Use of optical effects in-camera (filters etc). / Style Incoherence

6. The film must be in an u
ncertain geography , timeless, ban any realistic effect. / Time and geography Inchoherence

7. The material for the sets (scenery, costume and props) must come from found material. / Taste Inchoherence

8. Films must be hybrids containing at least two genres. / Style Inchoherence

9. The film used can be 16mm, 35mm, Super 8mm. / Economic Inchoherence

10. The director must be the author, cameraman and art director of the film. / Creative Inchoherence

11. Actors will alternate non acting and overacting. / Acting Incoherence

12. The film does belong to any aesthetic or narrative tendency. It must have a deep and fragile cinematography / Cinematographic Incoherence

Iternationale manifest inconsistency.
/ Reykjavik / Barcelona / Paris / Berlin / October 12, 2012 / / /

Katrin Olafsdottir and Bertrand Mandico